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On my wishlist today:


This awesome journal from Typo. A combination of my 2 favourite things: foxes and swearing! Thanks Aviv for the pic xx


Bunting and prints

Thought I’d share my favourite feature in my room. My room used to look like this, and a few years ago I decided it needed a makeover. I painted it mint green, added a massive desk and changed all the black accessories to white. It feels so much more peaceful now!

This is my feature wall above my bed…


And here’s where each picture came from…


1. Japanese postcard from a street market in Singapore.

2.Keep Calm and Carry On print from the Britain at War Experience in London. These prints are so overdone, but I think getting it from a War museum (the saying was originally used as motivation during the Second World War) makes it infinitely cooler. I could be wrong.

3, 13, 21 and 24. Laser-cut cards by Rob Ryan. Love his work!

4 and 6. Limited edition prints from the V&A Museum in London (wish I could remember the designer’s name!)

5 and 23. Bird and fox postcards from Paperchase. When I saw my first Paperchase I nearly fainted. My mom had to walk back to the hotel by herself while I gazed in wonder for about 3 hours.

7. Page from The Incredible Book-Eating Boy. This is my all-time favourite children’s book. Oliver Jeffers is my ultimate inspiration, I even wrote my thesis about him.

8. Page from Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Another inspiring illustrator. The quote I chose was ‘But the wild things cried, “Oh please don’t go – we’ll eat you up – we love you so!” And Max cried, “No!”‘ Love it.

9. The fox photo is one of the very few things I own that belonged to my grandma. She also loved foxes, which I only found out after my obsession started! This picture is incredibly special to me.

10. Print from The Tiger who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr. I bought this at the Museum of Childhood in London. Such a cool museum!

11. Illustration from an old magazine I found in a second-hand shop. Love the old-school style.

12. You can’t see from the photo, but it’s a photo my friend Lisa gave to me of a fox prowling in London. Someone brought it in to print at the print shop Lisa used to work at, and she printed an extra copy for me! So whoever took the photo, thanks 🙂

14 and 20. Stills from old movies. I found these at The Whatnot in Kalk Bay, my favourite place to find old junk and antiques!

15. Swan Lake painting, also from The Whatnot. Love this, so kitsch!

16. Amor postcard by Sara Fanelli. This lady is so talented I can’t deal.

17. Print by depeapa. I do like a good beard.

18. Post-it drawing by Marc Johns. This man is HILARIOUS, check out his stuff.

19. Card from Typo that Emma brought back from Australia for me. It says ‘Hey Foxy’ 🙂

22. Fortune-telling Fox card from Lisa in England. It was a scratch-off, and underneath it says I’m yearning for change and adventure. Clever fox.

25. Bunting from Bow Peep. Leila made it for me to match my room, I LOVE it! Check out her site for other beautiful accessories.

Hope you all have a great weekend xxx