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Advanced Style

Have you guys seen Advanced Style? Ari Seth Cohen roams New York looking for stylish older peeps. These women are AMAZING, I hope I look half as good at their age! (And now, actually)

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Trop d’Amour

A few days ago I gave my friend Jess’ blog a mini-makeover 🙂

We thought up some icons of things that she loves, and I illustrated a pattern to include them. I then made a scrabble letter header with a cartoon portrait of her. I think it looks really fun and playful, just like Jess. Go to trop d’amour to read her blog!


Bow Peep

So a while ago, my friend Leila of Bow Peep asked me to help her with her brand ‘face lift’.
We are so similar (with pretty much identical Pinterest boards), so the process was a really fun and creative one 🙂 No client from hell here!
The Bow Peep brand was already strong, but just needed a little cleaning up. Since Leila’s products are usually patterned, I wanted to give them a nice clean background to stand out against. Hence the use of lined paper and faded maps against modern typography.
Here’s how it turned out…
Old logo

New logo (2 formats)

New tags and labels
New business card

I also redid her blog and online store if you want to have a look.
We’re working on a new project now which I’m really excited about! Will share the details when it’s far enough along 🙂

Happy happy

Last week I went to Constantia Gift Market to see my internet-friend-but-also-we’re-both-friends-with-the-same-people friend Leila…she runs Bow Peep, where she makes awesomely quirky accessories. I had to show you the lovely things I bought from her…
Ice-cream shaped cookie cutter, pretty bulldog clips, ring and sailor necklace 🙂
Go look at her blog and pick up some cute things, everything is super reasonable. Oh and it’s her birthday today so say happy birthday!

Miss Kotova you inspire me ;)

I know a lovely Russian lady named Olga, who has a blog that everybody should read.

She writes posts about ‘being a girl who currently…'(insert fascinating facts here), so I’m inspired to do the same. I’m not as fab as her tho, so go read her blog. Now.

So I am a girl who currently…

– Doesn’t know what to do with her life. That’s new for me.
– Really needs to dye her hair
– Watches so much Orangutan Diary it’s embarrassing
– Can’t wait to have her empire with Lisa
– Counting down the days to you my loves…4 weeks!
– Roots for every underdog
– Pervs on waiters. But only very specific ones.
– Is just a little Martha Stewartish, ever so rarely
– Wants to run away
– Doesn’t know what to say most of the time
– Loves her friends always, but especially now
– Likes cuddles, but forgets to draw the line (Olga is better at this)
– Thinks that you are the best part of 8pm
– Makes good cake (red velvet especially)
– Eric over Bill, every time.
– Has the cosmic horn 
– Misses her Japanese girl
– Knows she’s not home quite yet
– Is trying to learn that being kind is more important than being right. Or is it?
– Is nice. I promise. And you’re, well, not.
– Needs something NEW. No more dusty antiques (this is figurative, I need my ceramic swans)
– Will be just fine. I think.

Present Swap 2

The amazing Angie of Lucky Pony (who I may or may not be a little obsessed with, not in a creepy way) organised her second Present Swap. This time I got Margot Molyneux…if you haven’t heard of her then you are lame and don’t spend enough time in cool shops 😉 She makes the most AMAZING clothing and I couldn’t believe what I received in the mail from her…

My very own sailor dress! Margot you are amazing and I absolutely love it, thank you so much!