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Song for the weekend

This is one of my all-time favourites.

Going to Greyton for the weekend, hope you all have a good one! x


The Wolves

Someday my pain, someday my pain / Will mark you
Harness your blame / harness your blame / And walk through
With the wild wolves around you / In the morning, I’ll call you / Send it farther on
And the story’s all over you / In the morning i’ll call you
Can’t you find a clue when your eyes are all painted Sinatra blue
What might have been lost / Don’t bother me

– The Wolves, Bon Iver (the true love of my life)

I told you I was no good

I’m sorry you died.

Everybody still jokes about you, even now that you’re dead. I don’t think they realise they’re fucked up too. I think we all like to feel better about our own, more socially acceptable, forms of addiction.

We only said goodbye with words, I died a hundred times. xx

Every word, every thought, every sound

So since this is my 100th post, I thought that I needed to post something suitably epic. Which is easy enough, since on Saturday we went to see BILLY TALENT!!!! *insert girly screams and throwing of underwear*
So ridiculously amazing, we all left on a sweaty high.
Some of Kim’s photos…
Amazingness. There are no words.
Happy faces
Jamie and Kimbo
Wide eyes
Grant gets involved 😉
So hardcore.
Ah the excitement!
Grant being a playa
Best. Night. Ever. 

Oh brother, I’m far away.

I was looking at the leaves
Climbing to the tops of the trees,
But you were nowhere to be found.
Just beneath all the green,
You were buried like a little seed
Amongst the roots and underground.
I was licking at the leaves
But I was in short sleeves and you,
You were like some sickness that I caught.
My sweetheart moved away,
Swept off like garbage in the alleyway.
And I need more grace than I thought.

– mewithoutyou